Using Martus without Internet Connection or with Limited Access to Internet

Martus can operate entirely offline, in situations of limited access to internet connection or in low-bandwidth contexts. Trainers should identify if these situations are relevant to trainees and cover the corresponding methods that are different in these contexts. It is important to emphasize that backup is manual for those working offline or limited access.

Several processes are different without a server connection, including contact management, record sharing and backup.

Offline contact management

The contact manager uses the server to look up contacts by their access token. Without connection, contact information must be exported by the receiving contact and imported by the sending contact.

Instructions can be found in the contact management section to:

  1. Export and share a Martus Public Information (.mpi) file with the receiving contact.
  2. Import the Martus Public Information (.mpi) file to add a contact.

Offline record sharing

Records sharing with contacts can be achieved offline by adding the contact on the record, then exporting the encrypted record and delivering it to the intended contact.

Backing up Martus data

There are several methods to ensure backup of data in Martus without direct connection to the server network. Since each is manual and not automatic, trainees should develop protocol to ensure backup occurs regularly. Best practice is to store backup data offsite, somewhere that will not be at risk if your home or office is attacked. We often recommend this be somewhere outside the country.

Backup to external device can happen via:

  1. Backing up the user’s entire hard drive using the program that comes with their OS (e.g. Time Machine etc) or other full disk backup software
  2. Backing up by copying the entire Martus directory to an external device
  3. Exporting files individually and saving to an external device

Martus “Uploader”

Benetech has developed an alternative method for backing up Martus records that allows them to be backed up to Martus servers from any computer with a connection without having to download Martus. This is designed to be an additional option for those backing up to external device so that the data can be copied occasional to the Martus network of servers when connection is available.


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