Our Approach: Lowering the Barriers to Strong Digital Security

As we begin to understand that corporate collection and government interception of sensitive information is the norm, not the exception, the duty to protect confidential information about vulnerable individuals is now felt more acutely than ever.

We developed Martus to help activists and journalists uphold their commitments to protect and do no harm to the communities with which they work. Martus encompasses the following features:

Complete Information Management

Martus encompasses the full range of human rights documentation processes, from data collection, to storage, backup, and analysis.

End-to-End Encryption

All of Martus data is always encrypted. The connection to the Martus server is also always encrypted, and the data on the server as well. There is no way to turn these features off.

Easy to Use

Martus can be configured in less than ten minutes by anyone with basic digital literacy skills, allowing even less tech-savvy users to easily and quickly implement its secure documentation and distributed backup.

Free & Open Source

The Martus source code is public and available for review. Transparency, accountability, and independent verifiability have been core to the Martus project since it was first conceived.

How Martus Works